Team photo of Ontogeo Research Group members at the NTUA Zografou campus

OntoGeo: Geographic Information Science and Geoinformatics Research

The OntoGeo group was formed by Professor Marinos Kavouras in 2001, in an effort to encourage research in Geographic Information Science by researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students of the NTUA School of Rural and Surveying Engineering.

Current research interests of the group include theoretical topics such as:

  • Theories of Concepts in Geography,
  • Geographic Categories,
  • Concept Mapping,
  • Ontological Vagueness,
  • Spatio-temporal Modelling,
  • Similarity and Granularity in Geography,

as well as implementation issues, such as:

  • Formal Ontologies,
  • Ontological Engineering,
  • Ontology Integration,
  • Semantic Interoperability,
  • Formal Concept Analysis,
  • Concept Lattices.

The members of the group participate in international workgroups and committees, present ongoing work in conferences and publish in journals, so as to contribute in the state-of-the-art in the field of Geographic Information Science.