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MaritimeCovering more than 70 percent of Earth's surface, water is not only a precondition to the existence of life but also it provides resources that directly contribute to social welfare and development, ranging from sea transportation to the production of raw materials, fisheries, leisure activities etc.


Especially for Europe, with 89.000 km of coastline and the two thirds of the European frontiers set by the sea, marine and maritime sectors represent a source of untapped multi domain potential that is vital for Europe's future.


The OntoGeo group, in response to the key challenge of the coming decade to bring maritime policies and science closer together, shows a great interest and conducts a series of research activities in scientific areas such as:


  • Integrated maritime policy,
  • Maritime spatial planning,
  • Marine spatial data infrastuctures,
  • Marine cadastre,
  • Emergency management,
  • Environmental issues,
  • Blue growth,
  • Integrated maritime surveillance.


OntoGeo group, in close cooperation with scientists from Greek and European academic and research institutions, is working on innovative ideas focused mainly on the Mediterranean Sea and it is participating in the development of cross-sectoral and multi-level maritime tools that support the implementation of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy and the evolution of national maritime strategies towards this aim.


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