Prof. M. Kavouras' selected publications
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1 1987, Kavouras, M., and Masry, S.E., "An Information System for the Geosciences: Design Considerations"
2 1989, Smart, J.R., and Kavouras, M., "Solid Modeling in Geology and Mining"
3 1992, Kavouras, M., "A Spatial Information System with Advanced Modeling Capabilities"
4 1994, Papadias, D. and Kavouras, M., "Acquiring, Representing and Processing Spatial Relations"
5 1995, Kavouras, M., "Future of Surveying Engineering - a Perspective from Greece"
6 1995, Kavouras, M., "Human-Computer Interaction Considerations in Terrain Modeling and Visualization"
7 1995, Stefanakis, E. and Kavouras, M., "On the Determination of the Optimum Path in Space"
8 1998, Halaris, Hadzilakos, Kavouras, Panopoulos, Paraschakis, Sellis, Tsoulos, Zervakis, "Interoperability and the Definition of a National Standard. Issues of Interoperabilty, Database Integration and Definition of a National Standard
9 1998, Tryfona N., Kavouras M., Hadzilacos Th., "A Structured Methodology for Interoperable Geographic Applications: The Case of the Hellenic Cadastre"
10 1998, Κόκλα, Μ., Κάβουρας, Μ., "Χωρικά Δίκτυα Εννοιών: Μια Μέθοδος για την Ενοποίηση Θεματικών Ταξινομήσεων Μικρών και Μεγάλων Χαρτογραφικών Κλιμάκων"
11 1999, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Spatial Concept Lattices: An Integration Method in Model Generalization"
12 1999, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Spatial Concept Lattices: An Integration Method in Model Generalization"
13 1999, Κάβουρας Μ. και Μπαντέκας Ιωαν, "Ανάπτυξη Εθνικής Υποδομής Γεωγραφικών Πληροφοριών"
14 1999, Κόκλα, Μ., Κάβουρας, Μ., "Η Διαλειτουργικότητα στη Γεωπληροφορική"
15 2000, Balodimos, D.-D., Kavouras, M., Koutsopoulos, K., Panagiotou, G., and Sellis, T., "Redefining postgraduate geoinformation studies. Experiences from the new geoinformatics programme at NTUA - Greece"
16 2000, Hadzilakos, Th., Halaris, G., Kavouras, M., Kokla, M., Panopoulos, G., Paraschakis, I., Sellis, Τ., Tsoulos, L., and Zervakis, M., "Interoperability and definition of a national standard for geospatial data: The case of the Hellenic Cadastre"
17 2000, Kavouras, M. and Kokla, M.,"Ontology-based Fusion of Geographic Databases"
18 2000, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "A formal method for the semantic integration of classification schemata"
19 2000, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Concept Lattices as a Formal Method for the Integration of Geographic Ontologies"
20 2001, Charitos, D., Pehlivanidou-Liakata, A., Bourdakis, V., and Kavouras, M., "Time Based Media as a means to enhance spatial representations"
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