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1 2010, Kontaxaki S., Kokla M., and Kavouras M., "GeoScape, a Granularity-Depended Spatialization Tool for Visualizing Multidimensional Data Sets"
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7 2005, Kavouras M., Kokla M., and Tomai E., "Comparing Categories among Geographic Ontologies"
8 2004, Tomai E., and Kavouras M., "From Onto-GeoNoesis to Onto-Genesis. The Design of Geographic Ontologies"
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11 2000, Hadzilakos, Th., Halaris, G., Kavouras, M., Kokla, M., Panopoulos, G., Paraschakis, I., Sellis, Τ., Tsoulos, L., and Zervakis, M., "Interoperability and definition of a national standard for geospatial data: The case of the Hellenic Cadastre"
12 1999, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Spatial Concept Lattices: An Integration Method in Model Generalization"
13 1995, Kavouras, M., "Future of Surveying Engineering - a Perspective from Greece"
14 1989, Smart, J.R., and Kavouras, M., "Solid Modeling in Geology and Mining"




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