1989, Smart, J.R., and Kavouras, M., "Solid Modeling in Geology and Mining" Print


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Smart, J.R., and Kavouras, M., "Solid Modeling in Geology and Mining", International Journal of Surface Mining, Vol.3, pp.43-47, 1989.




Information systems are gaining wide acceptance in geo-processing applications. However, their use in mine design and resource extraction has been more limited, in part due to the complexity of the objects, such as ore bodies, to be modeled. A system for use in geology and mining must combine the capabilities of a geographic information system with those of a geometry modeling system. This paper discusses such a system, with emphasis on the modeling of irregular natural objects. Representation schemes for solid objects, including the linear octree scheme are discussed and techniques for generating geometric representations are described. Issues of data organization in an information system are also addressed.


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