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1 2011, Trame, J., Rieffel, P., Tas, U., Baglatzi, A., and von Nathusius, V., "LOSM -- A lightweight approach to integrate OpenStreetMap into the Web of Data"
2 2012, Baglatzi, A., Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M. "Semantifying OpenStreetMap"
3 2010, S. Kontaxaki, E. Tomai, M. Kokla, and M. Kavouras, "Visualizing multidimensional data through granularity-dependent spatialization"
4 2008, Kokla, M., "GeoNLP: A Tool for the Extraction of Semantic Information from Definitions"
5 2008, Tomai E., Herlin I., Berroir J.-P., and Prastacos P., "Ontology-based Land Degradation Assessment from Satellite Images"
6 2006, Kokla, M., "Guidelines on Geographic Ontology Integration"
7 2006, Tomai E., and Prastacos P., "A framework for Intensional and Extensional Integration of Geographic Ontologies"
8 2005, Karalopoulos, A., Kokla, M., and Kavouras, M., "Comparing Representations of Geographic Knowledge Expressed as Conceptual Graphs"
9 2005, Tomai E., Spanaki M., Prastacos P. and Kavouras M., "Ontology Assisted Decision-making – a Case Study in Trip Planning for Tourism"
10 2005, Tomai E. and Spanaki M., "From Ontology Design to Ontology Implementation: A web tool for building geographic ontologies"
11 2005, M. Kavouras and S. Kontaxaki, "Spatial Knowledge Extraction from Geographical Databases: An approach based on the Controlled English Query Language Geo-Q and Conceptual Graphs"
12 2004, Karalopoulos, A., Kokla, M., and Kavouras, M., "Geographic Knowledge Representation Using Conceptual Graphs"
13 2004, Tomai E. and Kavouras M., "Where the City sits? Revealing Geospatial Semantics in Text Descriptions"
14 2004, Darra A., Kavouras M. and Tomai E., "Representing Semantic Similarity of Socioeconomic Units with Cartographic Spatialization Metaphors"
15 2003, Kavouras M., Kokla M. and Tomai E., "Determination, Visualization and Interpretation of Semantic Similarity among Geographic Ontologies"
16 2003, Panopoulos, G., Stamatopoulos, A., and Kavouras, M., "Spatiotemporal Generalization: The Cronograph Application"
17 2003, Darra, A., Kavouras, M., and Tzelepis, N., "A Rational Characterization and Visualization of Topographic Relief into Mountainous, Semi-Mountainous and Plane Terrain"
18 2001, Charitos, D., Pehlivanidou-Liakata, A., Bourdakis, V., and Kavouras, M., "Time Based Media as a means to enhance spatial representations"
19 2000, Balodimos, D.-D., Kavouras, M., Koutsopoulos, K., Panagiotou, G., and Sellis, T., "Redefining postgraduate geoinformation studies. Experiences from the new geoinformatics programme at NTUA - Greece"
20 1999, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Spatial Concept Lattices: An Integration Method in Model Generalization"
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