2008, Kokla, M., "GeoNLP: A Tool for the Extraction of Semantic Information from Definitions" Print


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Kokla, M., "GeoNLP: A Tool for the Extraction of Semantic Information from Definitions", Proceedings of the ISPRS XXI Congress, 3-11 July, Beijing, China (ISPRS Prize for Best Papers), 2008.




The explication of the semantics of geospatial concepts is a crucial research priority which affects various aspects of information representation, formalization, integration, and exchange. The aim of the present paper is twofold. Firstly, it proposes a methodology for the semantic definition of geospatial concepts. The proposal is based on an analysis of the semantics of geospatial concepts described in information sources such as categorizations, ontologies, data standards, lexical databases, etc. The paper proposes the analysis of semantic information into two types: (a) semantic properties and (b) semantic relations, and provides a list of fundamental semantic properties and relations. Secondly, the paper presents a tool for the extraction and formalization of semantic information from geospatial concept definitions. The tool is used to analyze the definition of each concept and extract the semantic properties and relations and their corresponding values that describe the concept. The output may be used for several tasks, such as concept comparison, ontology development and integration, and semantic information representation.


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