1999, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Spatial Concept Lattices: An Integration Method in Model Generalization" Print


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Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Spatial Concept Lattices: An Integration Method in Model Generalization", Workshop on Progress in Automated Map Generalization, 12-14 August, Ottawa, Canada, 1999.




Different organizations undertake socio-economic projects, which involve geographic data exchange, association and analysis, and create a map as the final output. Consequently, the association of different Geographic Information Systems requires integration of different classification schemata and data exchange on a semantic level. Classification schemata are considered to be semantic cartographic metadata, since they determine the form of the map and hence the user’s perception of space. In the context of interoperable cartographic databases, there is rising need for the development of a method for the integration of thematic classifications. In the same context, the resulting map represents the integrated perception of space and is interpreted as a mean of transferring geographic information and knowledge.


Spatial Concept Lattices are propounded as a new method for the semantic integration of multiple classification schemata and therefore the semantic communication through maps. The methodology is presented step by step in order to demonstrate the explicit and systematic way of integrating three land cover/land use classification schemata, which exhibit differences in scale and levels of spatial and thematic resolution. Further analysis of the developed methodology and the final integrated classification schema, intends to provide an approach to thematic generalization. The definition of specific scale widths for each category of the classification schema leads to a simple and comprehensible schema, in which every thematic resolution level corresponds to a classification. Therefore, the user, after specifying a scale, determines the appropriate thematic classification for the specific application.


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