Short Papers and Presentations
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1 2012, Baglatzi, A. and Kauppinen, T. "Managing and Representing Scientific Findings about the Environment"
2 2006, Tomai E., Michael S., and Prastacos P., "An Ontology-based Web-portal for Tourism"
3 2006, Tomai E., "Towards Intensional/ Extensional Integration between Ontologies"
4 2005, Tomai E. and Kavouras M., "Mappings between Maps - Association of Different Thematic Contents using Situation Theory"
5 2005, Tomai E. and Kavouras M., "Context in Geographic Knowledge Representation"
6 2003, Kavouras, M., Kokla, M., and Tomai, E., "Determination, Visualization and Interpretation of Semantic Similarity among Different Geographic Ontologies"
7 2003, Tomai E., Kavouras M., "Pivotal Issues in Designing Geographic Ontologies"
8 2002, Kavouras, M. and Kokla, M., "Developing Multi-scale, Multi-context Databases through the Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Datasets"
9 2002, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Theories of Concepts in Resolving Semantic Heterogeneities"
10 2002, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Extracting Latent Semantic Relations from Definitions to Disambiguate Geographic Ontologies"
11 2002, Tomai E. and Kavouras M., "Sharpening Vagueness: Identifying, Measuring and Portraying its Impact on Geographic Categorizations"
12 2002, E. Tomai, M. Kavouras & S. Kontaxaki, "A Visualization Method for Determining Vagueness of Geographical Categorization Schemata"
13 2001, Kavouras M. and Tomai E., "Understanding and Reducing Ontological Vagueness in the Geographic Realm"
14 2000, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "Concept Lattices as a Formal Method for the Integration of Geographic Ontologies"
15 2000, Kavouras, M. and Kokla, M.,"Ontology-based Fusion of Geographic Databases"
16 2000, Kokla, M. and Kavouras, M., "A formal method for the semantic integration of classification schemata"




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