2000, Kavouras, M. and Kokla, M.,"Ontology-based Fusion of Geographic Databases" Print


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Kavouras, M. and Kokla, M., "Ontology-based Fusion of Geographic Databases", Proceedings of the FIG Workshop: "Spatial Information Management - Experiences and Visions for the 21st Century", 4-7 October, Athens, Greece, 2000.




Effective communication and smooth interaction between different sources of geodata require a method for sharing and integrating different ontologies. The present paper proposes a methodology for information organization and semantic integration, in order to provide reuse of data between heterogeneous geographic information systems.


The methodology is founded on Formal Concept Analysis, a theory of concept formation and conceptual classification. The integration of multiple geospatial categorizations, which exhibit differences in spatial and thematic resolution, allows the creation of an ontology for the geospatial domain. Furthermore, the methodology and the integration process can be utilized to build a multi-scale, multi-context database from different geographic categorizations, which represents information at different levels of detail and different application contexts. The final integrated geographic ontology is demonstrated and queried using an Ontology Browser.


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