2005, Eleni Tomai, "Generation of formal ontologies for the interoperability of geographic knowledge databases" Print
Greek version / Ελληνική έκδοση


Title: Generation of formal ontologies for the interoperability of geographic knowledge databases


Author: Eleni Tomai




The present work introduces a methodological framework of generating new geographic ontologies, for the achievement of interoperability between different databases of geographic knowledge. The need for semantic interoperability is a key issue of ontological research because of the plethora of sources of geographic knowledge and information and the ways that these are structured, documented and formalized. The ontological analysis that was followed in the present Thesis comprises in Natural Language Understanding in order to extract semantic information of geo-spatial objects so their classification in categories and differentiation among them can attribute properly and explicitly their meaning, their interrelations and consequently convey their semantic essence. In the wider frame of the current research, two distinct methods of assessing semantic similarity have been followed between existing ontologies and classifications in order to more intensely show, via the difficulties of such an endeavor, the need of generating new ontologies with the purpose of achieving interoperability. Moreover, we make particular reference to the issue of vagueness and ambiguity that spatial objects present. More specifically, a methodology has been developed for modeling the linguistic vagueness that the use of qualitative linguistic terms imposes. The methodology applies existing theories from the field of Linguistics and methods of Computational Linguistics, in order to change the qualitative information of vague linguistic terms into quantitative and hence to assert how much these alter the attributes of geographic significances. Finally, an internet-based editing tool of geographic ontologies has been designed and implemented based on the guiding principles for generating new geographic ontologies that have been introduced herein.


Completion year: 2005

Download: here (in greek)


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