2008, Eugenia Lytrivi, "The role of fca in the developement of iff" Print
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Title: The role of fca in the developement of iff


Author: Eugenia Lytrivi


Advisor: Marinos Kavouras




Nowadays scientists take care about the information and the knowledge. They try to understand, as better as they can, these two concepts and they want to find some ways to utilize the information in such a manner so as to convert the information into knowledge. Recent years the scientific community has occupied specifically with tree theories, 1) the Information Flow, 2) the Category Theory and 3) the Formal Concept Analysis and they try to combine these three theories in order to construct an Information Flow Framework (IFF). The Information Flow Framework that will result, it will be able to simplify the process of management and analysis, so as to retrieve comprehensive and true information.


In this diploma, first of all it is going to be developed the most important theory of the three that has been referred above, and is the Formal Concept Analysis – FCA. This theory helps in the development of Information Flow Framework – IFF After the above first of all it will be analyzed the Information Flow Framework – IFF, specifying it and then analyzing the basic parts of IFF, such as the architecture, the meta-levels, the iff-language and grammar and generally the structure of IFF, so as to be able someone to understand how the IFF can be constructed and utilized, as well as in which sections it can be used.


Completion year: 2008


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