2010, Maria Antoniou, "Spatial dimension of the integration of the Dodecanese in the National Cadastre" Print
Greek version / Ελληνική έκδοση


Title: Spatial dimension of the integration of the Dodecanese in the National Cadastre


Author: Maria Antoniou


Advisor: Marinos Kavouras




Part of the overall activation for the establishment of the National Cadastre in Greece is the integration of the existing land registration systems which operate independently until now. In Greece, the Office of Land Capital is in force, where the Municipalities of Kallithea and Paleo Faliro belong, as well as the Cadastre Dodecanese, which consists of the Lands Office of Rhodes and Kos-Leros. The Land Registry Dodecanese was constituted during the Italian occupation by the Italians themselves and obeys the Lands Regulations of 1929. It is normal therefore, to differ considerably from the modern land registration systems.


The present post-graduate study has as objective to unify the structure of the National Cadastre of Greece which has started being activated. After a thorough analysis of the available data, the most appropriate way to include the Cadastre Dodecanese into the National Land Cadastre is proposed. This attempt for integration that is described in this study is developed considering the spatial dimension of Lands and particularly considering the elements of Cadastre Dodecanese. For this purpose, a complete and critical analysis of the spatial elements of Cadastre Dodecanese is established in order to acquire knowledge upon the layout, the organization and especially the reliability of the applied data. The conclusions drawn from this analysis are the guides to elaborate a possible methodology for the ultimate incorporation into the National Cadastre by using the spatial elements of Cadastre Dodecanese to the maximum level, considering the factors of time and costs.


Completion year: 2010


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