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Level: Optional postgraduate course of the winter semester (a 2hour lecture per week)


Prerequisite course: Geoinformation Theory


Description/ Objective:


The course intends to present the most up-to-date research trends in the GIScience field. Each student selects a topic, from a list proposed by the course teaching team, for which he makes two presentations (one to present their progress and one final at the end of the semester). In this way, the course introduces the postgraduate students to the research process, and leads them, to the development and presentation of their research topic. In the beginning of the semester the lecturers and other invited researchers present different up-to-date research topics. Thus, each student acquires general knowledge for different trends in the field of GIScience through the presentations of his fellow students but also through those of the teaching team and invited researchers, while through his own selected topic he acquires experience in research methodology, ability of analysis and composition, compilation of scientific work and presentation to a wider public.


The course is addressed to all postgraduate students that wish they have knowledge of the latest research topics in the field of GIScience.


Coordinator - Person in charge: Professor M. Kavouras

Teaching Assistants: M. Kokla, G. Panopoulos


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