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Greek version / Ελληνική έκδοση


Level: Obligatory Postgraduate Course (a 2hour lecture per week)




  • Theoretical Base of Geoinformation - Historical development.
  • Concepts of Space and Time and Representation of Spatial Knowledge.
  • Embodiment of Spatial Concepts and Models in a Geographic Information System.
  • Object oriented, entity and vector based models.
  • Field models.
  • Data structures and conceptual design of spatial databases.
  • Geo-Classification schemata.
  • Description – Representation of relief.
  • Elements of spatial analysis, Data Integration – Formalization – Exchange.
  • Specifications of Applications: Quality Control.


Coordinator - Person in charge: Professor M. Kavouras

Lecturers: M. Kavouras, D. Argialas (NTUA Professor), M. Kokla


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